Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Chelsea tagged me, so here they are, my fives:

Five regrets
1. Not allowing my brother Matt to come see Return of the Jedi with my friends and me when it was re-released in the theatres 1997.
2. Just about everything I eat.
3. When I make something or someone else more important than a family member or close friend.
4. Not saying "hi" or just giving "the nod" to that person walking down the street.
5. Not putting up a fight when things go against what I feel is right.

Five bands/artists I would love to see in their prime
1. Weezer (1996)
2. Neil Diamond (1972)
3. Cat Stevens (1974)
4. Sunny Day Real Estate (2000)
5. Chicago (1984)

Things I would do if I could live on two hours of sleep a night
1. Read more books.
2. Play guitar . . . my trusty Takamine or my dad’s older-than-me Ibanez sound the best at 2 a.m.
3. More all-nighters with my roommate Dan – not for the sake of homework but for the sake of a great discussion.
4. Sit outside and look at the stars and think about stuff and write about it.
5. Homework. (But seriously, who am I kidding?)

Things I would rather study than accounting
1. Culinary arts. Specifically baking. Who wouldn’t want to spend the day making cookies?
2. English. My roommate Dan is an English major. His homework consists of reading short stories by John Steinbeck, one of my favorite authors.
3. Ceramics. I just don’t have what it takes to be an art major. But what’s comforting is art majors have less of what it takes to be an accounting major.
4. Geography. My teacher who taught this class at MCC was such an awesome guy. I would study geography just so I could be like him.
5. French and other romance languages, Arabic, Chinese, [insert foreign language here]. A great way to learn about another culture is to learn their language.