Sunday, June 24, 2012

a meme of me

For reasons I don't care to explain at the moment, some personal, some not, I've pretty much stopped blogging here (this much is obvious as my last post was dated 26 March 2012). Nevertheless, I'm posting today for two reasons.

First: To let the very few who might possibly care know that I've started blogging here: Wires & Waves. It's a "music and other stuff" blog that some of my friends from college (and beyond) started. You can read my first post here. I'm hoping to write posts similar to the one I linked here, maybe two per month, but I can make no guarantees. When I write something, I rarely choose what I write about, it just happens.

The second reason for today's post is to memorialize this:

Right now I'm currently serving as a family history consultant in my ward, and I'm just finishing up teaching the temple work and family history Sunday school class for the second time. As such, a friend in my ward thought it would be funny to create a family history meme (in the vein of the ever-popular Ryan Gosling "Hey girl" meme) starring yours truly.

Every morning for six days straight, I'd come across a photo of mine that had been updated with clever caption on Facebook. Each photo was initially embarrassing, but the captions were just too clever and hilarious for me to not love it (and I'm a little vain, so what?). Just so we're clear, I did not come up with the captions, nor did I initially post them on Facebook.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves:

Above: This one is tied for my favorite. The caption fits the photo perfectly.

Above: My other favorite.

There you have it. My very own meme.