Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm having a love affair with this ice cream sandwich!

So about a year ago I wrote a song. I was too lazy to write a second verse at the time so I've been singing the first verse twice. Sunny Day Real Estate did all the time so I thought I'd try it. I couldn't pull it off as well as they did so a week or two ago I sat down to write a second verse. Anyway, in order to say what I wanted to say, I wrote twice as much as I had planned; I'll probably end up rewriting the rest of the song because the new verse doesn't work well with what I had written. But I thought I'd post the new verse anyway because I think it stands well on its own.

I don't know what to name this song so I've been calling it "Then Why Don't You Marry An Ice Cream Sandwich!" -- a gratuitous shout-out to Arrested Development. Let me know if you come up with something that fits the lyrics.

Your soul is numb, can't feel the ache
Jaded, spent, the same mistake
You've made before, you'll make again
Nothing's changed

(You'd rather) turn your back than feel the pain
Than help the ones that praise your name
'Cause caring means they'd let you down
You'd feel their shame

But you said you wanna feel alive
And leave behind your life contrived
Sacrifice your apathy
That numbs the ache

'Cause feeling means you loved, you cried
Heartbreak means you cared, you tried
Living doesn't mean success
Living means you gave your best


  1. I love the last stanza the most. Kind of HWM-esque.

    And, for the record.. I'm copying you in two ways: 1) the blog entry I just posted, and 2) I am considering an attempt to go by my middle name. haha. Woods.

  2. Thanks Trev, er, I mean Woods. I think I can say that this was partially inspired by Chuck Ragan's "The Boat".