Monday, June 29, 2009

Scandinavia does it again!

No more stories
Are told today
I'm sorry
They washed away
No more stories
The world is grey
I'm tired
Let's wash away

Some cute poem I just wrote? Hardly! No, that's the title (seriously) for Mew's fifth album, due on August 25 (just in time for someone's birthday).

I've been waiting so long for this. My brother Matt and I have been counting the days. In anticipation of this release, Mew just released No More Stories EP. The EP includes two album tracks and three b-sides. If "Introducing Palace Players" isn't the hardest guitar song you've heard all year, I'd start to question whether or not you really exist.

One of the best descriptions I've heard of Mew is "Sigur Ros covering Sunny Day Real Estate." This doesn't apply to all their albums or songs, though it definitely fits, but only as a point of reference. With each successive release Mew continues to define themselves and set themselves apart as something truly unique.

If you don't already love Mew or if you have yet to hear them, you really owe it to yourself to check them out. I recommend starting with And The Glass Handed Kites (this album is best appreciated in its entirety) or Frengers.

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