Monday, September 21, 2009

I will be anxious arms

Flew solo to the show tonight.

Didn't realize how much I missed the Jealous Sound until tonight's opener, "Hope For Us."

Blair -- J Sound singer -- looking skeletal as ever.

Couldn't bring my Canon in, had to use my old Sony:

Where have you been? Great to have you back.

New J Sound track -- "New Loves" -- pretty hard. Nabbed the setlist from Pedro (guitarist).

Enter Messieurs Enigk, Hoerner, Mendel and Goldsmith.

Been up close and personal with Jeremy Enigk before but never as the singer of Sunny Day Real Estate. Surreal.

"Song About An Angel" and "In Circles" blew me away. "Seven" and "Grendel" hit pretty hard too.

New SDRE track. If they don't record an album, at least a single or 7 inch. Please. Or an EP.

T-minus 25 till round two, Seattle, WA.

Dan Hoerner (left, guitarist) and his eternal smile (though impossible to see in this photograph). Contagious and infectious.

Not cool enough to hang at the Denver Diner with the hipsters after the show.

I miss having show-going friends.


  1. Next time just show up to the after party with Jeremy in tow(since you are BFFs from those shows last fall) and there will be no questions asked...or lots of questions asked. Either way would be just fine. Cool by association. Works every time.

    Sounds like a stellar show.

  2. Can you post the Jealous Sound setlist?

  3. J Sound setlist:

    Hope For Us
    Got Friends
    Abandon! Abandon!
    Bitter Strings
    Big Love
    What's Wrong Is Everywhere
    Fold Out
    Anxious Arms