Tuesday, March 2, 2010


My life bears little resemblance to how I imagined it when I graduated college, when I got home from my mission, when I completed [insert life-defining milestone here]. Often this disparity is a result of mistakes I've made. Other times I've noticed the road I was on wasn't the the optimal path and I've changed accordingly.

But sometimes, there is this Omniscient, All-Powerful Being that controls the Universe and sometimes He likes to interfere with what I want. I don't know why I have such a problem with this because He always knows what's best for me -- better than I ever will.

"I struggle." A very general statement -- and here I mean it in nothing but a general sense -- it's probably one of the only statements that will always have a sense of verity in my life. (Say the word "struggle" over and over and it starts to sound really weird.)

Some days I feel like all I can muster is a struggle. But some days -- these are the good days -- the struggle becomes something greater:

"I fight."


  1. i hear ya man, i was sure i was going to be the next burt reynolds by now but that sure hasnt happened. well man, fight on!

  2. Thome, to me you'll always be the next Burt Reynolds.

  3. i've gone over 6 months trying to remember the word semantics in a "discussion" between spencer and i. thank you, i just won.