Thursday, October 21, 2010

fall: eight & ten

A couple weeks ago I was vainly perusing photos of myself from yesteryear on the popular social networking site I was surprised at how skinny I was. Or at least how much thinner I was back then compared to now.

Remember when you guys made fun of my fingerless gloves? I felt so vindicated when those were the only type of gloves Urban Outfitters was selling a year later. I'm such a trendsetter. (Photo that I stole from courtesy of Harper.)

I'm so used to Arizona either being a furnace (summer) or a paradise ("winter"). The last fall I spent here was four years ago; I'm not used to the in-between -- when it's warm during the day and cool at night. I handle these unfamiliar seasonal changes by grasping onto memories of the last fall I spent here. And the one before that. And the time between then and now.

Sometimes I'm too content to explore the past.


  1. Do the fingerless gloves really keep your fingers warm?
    Ps... next week running club resumes!!!

  2. They get the job done. I might wait a bit till I can build up a bit more stamina to join you (Tues and Thurs are my rest days).

  3. I will still make fun of you for fingerless gloves.

    Also, thank you for the photo cred.

  4. I will still feel awesome for being a trendsetter.

    Thank you for taking so many photos.