Sunday, December 9, 2007


So Dan and I were listening to a little Cat Stevens tonight, and inspired by his conversion to Islam, we gave ourselves Muslim names. Hope that's not sacreligious. The name I chose is Sayid Suhayb. It means "master, of red hair or complexion." Very appropriate. And Sayid is my favorite character on Lost.

Anyway, I wrote a song. It only took me a few days to write, which is really good cuz it usually takes me weeks/months (or I just don't finish it -- usually the case). Leave feedback; I wanna get good at this so let me know what you think. Also, it doesn't have a name yet -- suggestions are welcome.

Gave your heart
To the first to make you smile
Hold his hand
Hold your breath all the while

Try so hard to make it right
Blame yourself again
Just can't seem to find the light
He leaves you in the dark again

Keep him out
It keeps you free
To see the things you wanna see
To be the things you wanna be

Can't let him see that side of you
That mirror that you try to be
Cracked and shattered, pieces fall
Far too many holes

To keep him out
To keep you free
He sees the things you wanna see
He sees the things you wanna be

Shows you what you couldn't see
He's everything you couldn't be


  1. I would love to hear the tune... play it for us when you come down for Christmas? Petra says "Please uncle Mykie?"

    its very good myke. very good indeed.

  2. Ha thanks Chelsea! I'd love to play it, anything for Petra...

    I'm actually playing by myself at a show Tachi booked on the 20th. But if you guys can't make it, Jeff and I can have a jam sesh and I'll play it then!

  3. Real convenient how you make people feel bad for criticizing others AND THEN post your work, real convenient.

    JK, it's good stuff. I would suggest either "Keep him out" or "World Fair, 1976".

  4. that was fabulous. i think you should name it "too many holes"

  5. I did quite enjoy the words, simple yet dramatic. Very good indeed. i'd like to hear to the music.

  6. Bonnie -- next time you're over I'll play it for you.

    Jeff and Shalyce -- I really liked both suggestions. I've always wanted to do one of those parenthetical titles so maybe I'll call it "Keep Him Out (Too Many Holes)." Thanks for the feedback guys.

  7. o i like that title, only shouldn't it be "Too Many Holes(Keep Him Out)" that makes more sense to me, for some reason.

    also yay i get to hear ur song. when do u leave? i wanna make sure i come over before u go.

  8. I'm outta here Friday afternoon. I should be in and out later tonight. If I don't see you I'll come over Thursday night or Friday before I go.

  9. i totally heard this song in the flesh last night. so amazing! good work myke.

  10. Yeah great job with this song Myke. The music really enhances the tone of the lyrics. I enjoyed it a lot.

  11. i really like those lyrics and you know how i like lyrics. if you don't mind me asking what was the inspiration to the song besides dan and cat stevens???

  12. So it's been a long day at work and I started doing a little blog stalking and found this gem of a post. (is that awkward? Sorry if it is.)

    I realize it's been a whole 4 years since you wrote those lyrics, but I can't not say how fantastic they are. Seriously, I'm impressed.