Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nothing's coming

It's been over a month since my last post. Probably a couple reasons for that: I spent the last month away from school so I had little to stimulate my brain and we don't have wireless Internet at home so I was unable to use my laptop (I don't like using our home computer for stuff like this for some reason). I've again changed states and now I'm in California, in the Bay Area near Oakland and San Francisco. The past few days have been kinda boring/lonely, but I'm sure that will change soon when I start my internship on Monday.

I wrote a new jam. I recorded it and another and put them up on crapspace ( Here are the lyricals:

Southwestern Hemisphere

Hemispheres and atmospheres
Where the air just isn't quite as clear
Don't waste your breath
Don't say another word
Try to breathe another minute
Try to speak, your heart's not in it
Wasting life or tasting life
Take a trip away from home
A way back home

The memories you thought you'd make
And the promises you'd've had to fake
The curls in her hair
Won't fade
The life that you swore to her
Now buried in that sepulcher
The smile on her face (The taste of her lips)
Won't fade away

Hemispheres and atmospheres
Where the just isn't quite as clear
Wasting life or tasting life
What's the difference?


  1. anytime you can use sepulcher in a song, you know its gotta be good. and it was. I checked it...

    how are you?

  2. Oh pretty good .... don't really know anyone out here, but then it won't really matter in about a month when I'll be too busy. How about you guys? Adjusting well? Jeff liking the new job?

  3. we are adjusting. and doing well. all moved in and ready to explore the town. Jeff likes his new job okay. still figuring it out, but he doesn't hate it. and its just so pretty here... how can I not be glad to be here yah know?