Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Your kids can walk to school.

Not sure know why parents don't realize this. For years I've lived across the street from a junior high school. When I'd leave for school (college school) every day, backing out of my driveway was always a chore thanks to the mobile baracade of SUVs and minivans lining the street. Going to school in Idaho has been a bit of a break because I always walk to class. But since I've been here in California I've witnessed a similar phenomenon on my way to work: a snake of cars slithering through an elementary school parking lot. Sure, it's not a big deal here because I don't have to sever the snake to leave my house; I just find it strange that so many children need a ride to school.

Let's think about this. There are, what, two to three junior highs (or middle schools, if you will) per high school? And the same number or more of elementary schools per junior high? That's anywhere from 6 to over 12 elementary schools per high school. I'll agree, not every high school is within walking distance, but when the elementary to high school ratio is so high, there will almost always be an elementary school, and very likely a junior high as well, within walking distance of any house.

It's especially ironic here in Nor Cal, where liberalism is the church of state and everyone's greatest fear is global warming. If your kid is perfectly capable of getting to school her own (she has two functional legs), why waste precious resources and pollute the air by driving her to school?

Parents might argue that's it's unsafe to have their kids walk to school. Well, if you all made your kids walk there'd be more kids on the road, making it far less likely for your kid to be abducted -- odds are it will be someone else's kid, so what are you worried about? Honestly, the world is a dangerous place, but the sooner kids learn how to live in that world, the better. The one place they won't learn that is in the backseat of a minivan.


  1. That's some deep, sweet prose my friend. Deep. And Sweet.

    Dude? What's up?? I didn't know you had a blog. Now we can substitute a cyber friendship for an actual one...Word!


    p.s. the "word verification box" below is ridiculous!! it's seriously like "qwyrutyeuier." You'd think I was a spy or something...

  2. Man, thanks for the sports, it's seriously been too long since my last sportsing.

    I know, I hate the word verification box too but I had this random spammer post a link on my blog, and I'm pretty sure it was for porn, so I added the box to get rid of spammers. I did it to keep you safe, Cody. I did it to keep you safe.

  3. i'm thinking it shouldn't be called "word" verification, because i'm pretty sure "cmmqfn" is not a word. it should be called jumbled letters verification.

    anyways.. i share your grief. I used to drive a school bus as you probably know, and not very many things made me more angry than the amount of cars trying to go in and out of elementary school parking lots.

  4. It's actually not even called "word verification". The Internet just agreed with Myke's post so it said "Word". Then it was like, wait I was supposed to do something here, oh yeah, "Verification." You'll also note that the Internet got the handicapped parking space on this that ethical? That's for you to decide.

    Myke, good post. It never ceases to amaze me how selective west coast liberals are in their concern for the environment. They really only want to abide by it when it is convenient to push their personal politics. Much like my real life shoe size, my global footprint is probably above-average and I'm not too concerned about it yet.

    Besides, if liberals weren't so hellbent on fighting for the rights of child molesters and porn producers then it WOULD probably be safer on the streets for kids to walk to school. Not to mention we could get rid of the whole word verification thingy.

  5. seriously. i think we conservatives need to take up a new cause...

    DOWN WITH WORD VERIFICATION! or, just verification. word?

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