Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I dream in color TV

I rarely remember my dreams, but lately, in all the ones I do remember, I'm hanging with characters from TV shows. Sunday night I was at the mall, enjoying a meal in the food court with Jim Halpert, Pam Beasley, Michael Gary Scott, and Dwight Kurt Schrute. Last week I dreamt that I was back on the Lost island -- I say 'back' because it's the second Lost dream I've had. In the first, I was hanging with Locke in the hatch, season two style. In the one I had last week, Ben had been replaced as chief of the Others by some unknown person who immediately enlisted Sawyer to carry out seemingly random kidnappings among the other island survivors. For the end-of-the-episode twist, this mysterious personage was revealed as my friend Marliett, which, if you knew her, would be one of the best twists of plot in Lost history. Of course, let's not forget about Carl Winslow the Cannibal that I blogged about earlier.

I just can't wait for the night when I find myself in cut-off shorts ("There are dozens of us!") painting myself blue with Tobias Funke. Or maybe working a shift at the Banana Stand with George Michael (no, not the 80's pop star). Perhaps I'll find myself appearing as a wisdom dispensing David Bowie in one of Bret McKenzie's freaky dreams ("Am I freaking you out, Bret?").


  1. Dozens!!!!

    i want to see you on a beach throwing a dead dove into the ocean, yelling, "return from whence you came!"

  2. myke... ummmm... I don't wanna tell you your business or anything... but... you could blog with pictures or something... like of your place... or your surroundings... or your latest hair do... or your place of occupation... or your trip to san fran... I'm just sayin'.

  3. Haha. I guess I don't do pictures that often cuz they're all on Facebook. And it's a pain to work with pictures on this thing. It takes forever to get the format right. But ok, I will consider adding pics in the future....