Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm it

Chelsea tagged me. Seven random facts:

==> I have awesome grandparents. My mom's dad passed away when she was five, and her mom remarried when she was 11. So my maternal grandfather is technically my step-grandpa, if there is such a thing. I've always known that he's not my mom's biological father but that fact never hit me until I was older because he's always treated my mom like a real daughter and us kids as if we were his biological grandkids. Anyway, he's really impressed me for that reason in addition to many others. My other grandparents are rad and deserving of mention in a blog post as well.

==> I strongly dislike the cold. (I'm trying to have a good attitude about, so I refrained from using the word "hate".) I'm definitely a product of having lived in Arizona for the better part of my life. And I think I have seasonal affective disorder. It seriously bums me out when the sun goes away. While I do love rain and clouds, you seriously can't beat a warm sunny day.

==> I have a mancrush on Michael Cera. If there's anyone I'd like to get bromantic with it'd be him.

==> My Google searches come up in Spanish. Not sure why this happens, I must have hit something that switched languages (at least it's not Arabic or Chinese). Whenever I search something it says at the top of the page, "Buscar sólo resultados en español." If anyone knows how to change this any help would be appreciated.

==> I'm amazed at how many guitarist can't tune their guitar. Every Monday night I go to Music Outlet with my friends, which is essentially an open mic night, and it always surprises me (and annoys me) how many people cannot tune their guit. I didn't know it was that hard. Honestly, if I can do it, just about anyone should be able to.

==> I'm all about keyboard shortcuts. Anything that keeps me away from the mouse or the touchpad on my laptop. They're so much faster, and people (especially the ladies) are so impressed when you use them. My faves right now are Alt+Tab (cycles through open programs on Windows) and Crtl+PgDn or PgUp (cycles through tabs on your Internet browser or sheets of an Excel spreadsheet). Let me know if you know any cool ones.

==> I'm kinda over the whole neo-folk trend that's been going on. A lot of it's great and extremely well done, but right now I need me something that rocks. Distorted guitars, heavy drums, and an anthemic chorus would be great.


  1. I bet if you got really, really good at keyboard short cuts you could lure in Michael Cera and have a bromance. :)

  2. If you want something that rocks check out Manchester Orchestra. I'm really into them right now. I'm all down for this Music Outlet Bingo. I'll come up with a prize if you make the sheet.
    Just a side note. I too have a mancrush on Michael Cera( aka George Michael)

  3. Word to the neo-folk being super trendy. It can be really cool, but every now and then you just need some whaling, mind-melting, loud, distorted, sweet, sweet guitar.

    Those were some pretty lousy adjectives, come to think of it. But you know what I mean.

    Classic rockers that are always good to resort to in time of need:

    1. At the Drive In
    2. No Knife
    3. Foo Fighters.

    I typically think that screaming is way overdone, and way overrated. However, ATDI and Foo Fighters do it right, and it's pretty much the sexiest thing I've ever heard.

    No knife-Doesn't scream. Doesn't need to. Just rock.

  4. Hey Myke I'm not sure if you ever got into Say Anything.. but they are a band that is very rockin but still fulfills you musically and lyrically. "...Is A Real Boy" is the better album to start out with (not to be confused with "...WAS A Real Boy")

  5. Myke - great post, maybe I will follow suit. Chelsea didn't "tag" me, but she does hit me sometimes, so I could take that as my cue and make my own post.

    First, go to google.com homepage. To the right of the search bar, the second link is "Preferences". Click that. The first section is "Interface Language", maybe that is selected as Spanish? Or the second section might have something out of whack. I have the first radio button selected. Hope that helps.

    Second, word to Alt+Tab. I love it. A couple of good Excel shortcuts when dealing with a lot of data: Ctr+Shift+arrow will allow you to select all the data in one direction as far as it goes. And pushing F4 while editing a formula puts a $ sign on a cell reference and locks it into a formula, so that if you drag that formula to a new location, the $ cell will always be referenced. If that makes sense...

    Third, rock and roll.

  6. Jeff, I'm officially tagging you -- hopefully it was little less painful beatings. And thanks for the language problem help. That's funny you mentioned that F4 trick: in addition to drawing a super awesome T-Rex picture in Microsoft Paint, I totally learned that shortcut in my finance class today.

  7. I would like to know if there is anyone that does not have a crush on Michael (really just curious)? Also a little Eisley (formerly Mos Eisley) trivia for you: Sherri Dupree (married and divorced Chad of NFG) is currently dating Max Bemis of Say Anything. I saw them in concert and tried to ask where Sherri was, but he couldn't hear me over all the screaming fans. Sorry, I know way too much about Eisley (my BFF is their biggest fan).