Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why I miss AZ.

Amongst other things:

Before I came to Idaho for school I was in a band in AZ called xyzebra. We broke up when I left and Whit, our guitarist/singer, started a new band called The Great Migration. They're just the right mixture of indie, folk, and rock; Whit is a fantastic songwriter. Anyway, I was listening to some of their demo tracks on myspace just now. I forgot how awesome they are. You really should check them out here.

Anyway, I started looking through some old pictures and thought I'd post a few. Some of you readers don't know these fellas. They've been my best friends since high school and love and miss them dearly. Most of these pics are circa '04-'06.

Devyn taking over on maracas. As good a friend as anyone could ever have.

Rocking the bumblebass.

A candid moment with Jeff and Trev. Hopefully they'll forgive me for posting this. This was probably our third or fourth show.

This is one of the few shots I have with all four of us.

This is Whit.


  1. One or two of the songs wouldn't play all the way through on my computer for some reason, but I like their sound.

  2. My internet is being silly, but I am looking forward to checking out your friend Whit's band. These photos are joyous.

  3. oh how these pics make me miss the xyzebra! i was just at the last sweetcakes show and its the first local show i've been to in the AZ for awhile, as rad as it was it just wasn't the same as shows of the past.

  4. they are good! I gave up myspace, facebook, and other like things for lent so i can;t log in to add them, but i like their music a lot.

    you spoke french on your mission didn't you?

  5. oh the good ol' days. that jeff is rather attractive if I say so myself. what?

    I am glad I got to be a part of yah'lls group of buds. so fun.

  6. Every time I eat cold dinner, I miss XYZebra.

    Sorry, that's the best I could do...