Tuesday, March 17, 2009

more than slightly

It's kind of ironic; everyone needs accountants, right? But after a fruitless job search that left me feeling at times like Murray Hewitt, as of this moment, when I graduate from college in mere weeks I'll be jobless.

But it's really not that big of a deal. Something will come up eventually.

Home's been on my mind a lot lately, partly because I was there just over a week ago and partly because it won't be long till I'm back. I've made an observation recently, which I've discussed with a few cherished friends, and I may be wrong, but it seems like when people I know -- fellow BYU-I students rather -- go home for breaks and "off semesters" they are slightly bored. And by slightly I mean more than slightly. While I am often excited to return to school, I feel I have just as much as fun at home as I do at school.

I feel a need to elaborate. I'm not sure what the rest of the U.S. and A. is like because I spent the better part of my preteen to adult life residing in Mesa, Arizona. And the thing about Mesa and its surrounding environs is that no one leaves. It's true. I'm pretty sure about 90% of my AZ friends were born and raised there. I'm pretty sure a proportionate percentage of the percentage just mentioned plan on staying there. And of those who do leave, a similar, well, maybe slightly lower percentage plan on coming back. (This is part of the reason why I'm very glad I left AZ for school.) I myself, while I'm a transplant to the greater Phoenix metropolitan area (I was born in SLC, spent my younger formative years in Colorado), plan on "ending up" there (which might happen sooner than I had hoped). What's more, more than a handful of my AZ friends are married and starting to settle down -- deepening their roots if you will (and I think you will). That said, it's for this reason that going home is always enjoyable: a great number of my friends still live there.

Oh yeah, and we have cool things like record stores, plentiful amazing restaurants, used book stores, and band shows.

Job or no job, I have a lot to be excited about.

To my fellow Rexburgians, the Family if you will (and again, I think you will): I really don't know what to say. I want to write something touching about how much you've meant to me and how great you are but I know I won't realize how much I appreciate and love you till I leave (sadly, that's just how I roll). So, I'm gonna leave that for another post at a later date. But trust me, I do care about you all and I will miss you (some more than others). For now, just know that you've woven a permanent thread into -- to quote that overzealous, obnoxiously intense guy at your last testimony meeting -- "the very fibers of my being" (even though weaving is a man's game).

It's a bit past three in the morning. Thank you for reading this disjointed, overly parenthetical, superlatively hyperlinked post. Please reward yourself by downloading this fresh new Jeremy Enigk track (gratis!).


  1. oh wow, i know what you're talking about. leaving provo and leaving home always caused me equal amounts of sadness. (why can't everyone i love just live in the same place?!) but i would so rather have that then have to be home and hating life from boredom like 100% of my provo peeps. i would try to explain the phenomenon of mesa to them and yet people just wouldn't understand why everyone would just want to stay forever! well i like you (i basically feel like i can sign my name at the end of this post) have lived other places and yet always come back and now will be here for at least a few more years (dare i say, "settling down" a little sooner than expected. because of a job not a relationship). and i'm sure i speak for all when i say we're glad to have you back! (for at least the moment)

  2. I do plan on ending up in Mesa too, or at least somewhere in the valley. Also, I met your brother. I didn't know he was your brother, but kari told me.

  3. wow make a pregnant girl teary-eyed with homesickness why don't yah.
    great post. three a.m. really opens you up...

    ha the verification word is dambi... it's like bambi's misbehaving younger brother or something... "dambi!"

  4. are you going to the killers show? if the answer is yes, then i would like to join.