Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A good night? Good night.

Just got back from the Death Cab show. Not amazing, but still pretty tight. More inspiring than anything; stoked the flame of rock in my soul; can't wait to rock again.

Went by myself; tried to find someone to go with; people bailed or had other things come up; wasn't my first solo concert ever, won't be my last if I keep living in Colorado -- so be it.

Thought about stopping at a theater in Denver to check HP6 at midnight; glad I didn't; checking it tomorrow or this weekend.

Andrew Bird was pretty rad; legit violin looping and whistling skills. Wish I would've known his stuff better. Got there late so I missed Ra Ra Riot; terrible parking.

First time seeing Death Cab since January 2001; my old band, The Manhattan Project, opened for them at that show; basement of the Nile -- crusty!

Show highlights: "Transatlanticism," finale; "Long Division," I love a good math metaphor:

And they carried on like
Long division
And it was clear with every page
That they were further away
From a solution that would play
Without a remainder

Ben Gibbard is a jittery dude.


  1. you guys opened for death cab? rad! and HP and the HBP just blew my mind. it's got me all worked up still. i mean i knew what was going to happen, but still. oh how i love those crazy fictional characters.

  2. We really had no idea who D Cab was at the time... we were mostly excited to be opening for The Jealous Sound who also played that show.

    Glad HP blew your mind. Can't wait to see it.

  3. I would have rather seen Death Cab. Don't get me wrong...HP was great, but somehow I allowed myself to be a little disappointed. Maybe it was the whole starting half an hour late thing (technical difficulties) and not getting home until 4:00am. Thank you Idaho.

    I'm not so delusional as to think the movie is going to be as good as the book, but I guess I felt like something was missing. Not necessarily a particular event (although things obviously had to be left out) but maybe something was missing emotionally? I can't quite put my finger on it. Katelyn and I were talking about it after and we were really the only two to be even somewhat disappointed. I probably just need to see it again under more pleasing circumstances (did I mention I was in the front row?).

    P.S. Opening for Death Cab and The Jealous Sound? Myke, you are so hip.

  4. I've talked to a few other people and they were a bit disappointed as well. I'm glad I'm going to see it after hearing others' perspective; I think I'll enjoy it more that way.

  5. And for the record, opening for the J Sound and D Cab was nothing like it would be today, even with their smaller status of 2001... this was before the indie music had been capitalized like it is today.

  6. myke, if you want to wait until AZ to see HP, Jeff and I may be able to swing a showing with you. we have to wait till we have babysitters.

    except... you probably won't be in town that long huh?

    and duh we miss you too. can't wait for rilla to meet uncle myke either.

  7. It really paid to be one of the three and a half solid emo bands in the east valley back in those days. That was one of the best show memories I have. Yeah I remember at the show I had no idea who Death Cab was. But I now consider "Follow You Into the Dark" as one of the fifty best songs ever written.