Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hot August Night

The leaves hangin' down and the grass on the ground smellin' sweet

Proudly presenting:

You'd almost bet you can hear yourself sweat

The first line from Neil Diamond's classic 1969 hit single "Brother Love's Traveling Salvations Show" and the name of his venerated live album (which was recorded 10 years to the day before the day I was born), "Hot August Night" is a more than appropriate description of this show: temperature-wise because AZ in August is so dang hot, and rock 'n roll-wise because this evening will be brimming with sultry rock jams.

Pack up the babies, and grab the old ladies, everyone goes

It's quite likely that none of these bands will ever grace the stage again; I hope it will be as epic as I've made it out to be.


  1. we're gonna party like it's 2001.

  2. I am so stoked for the reunion show

  3. I never really went to these in high school, maybe 1 or 2. I'm going for my brother-in-law Danny Wenger- he wishes he could be there...

  4. it better be. it better be. pressure is on boys.

  5. I'm the way, this is Cody. Not Tracy. Too lazy to sign out.

  6. Lazy Cody, I'm so glad you're playing. I'm looking forward to seeing/sportsing you again.