Sunday, November 29, 2009

how Myke got his groove back

Turns out is was right here all along:

When I returned to the glorious homeland this weekend for Thanksgiving I was slightly nervous that I wouldn't enjoy being in Arizona as much as I used to. I even mentioned to a friend that I was afraid that I was losing a bit of my Arizona-ness.

Then late Friday night on the way to Applebee's with Matt, Whit and Rachael, I caught myself feeling something I haven't felt in a quite while. I felt comfortable, I felt that I belonged. But really, it was more what I wasn't feeling that stood out. I didn't feel a desire to be aloof from my surroundings; this vague, constant nagging doubt that I've apparently grown accustomed to and oblivious of was absent. In short, I felt like it would be OK if I were to sprout roots and let them grow. As if almost everything I really needed -- close family and friends who really get me -- were in that car with me.

I've lived, more or less, in four different states -- Arizona, Idaho, California, and Colorado -- in a fewer amount of years. After bouncing around and back and forth for a while you get used to preparing for the next phase of your life, you get used to living out of boxes. It was nice to not feel that for a few days.

My Arizona batteries are recharged and I can't wait to be back for Christmas.


  1. sure, there are prettier places (i've been to many), but az is the homeland (and the best, might i add).

  2. And to be fair, AZ certainly has its fair share of beauty.

  3. for all of washington's charms....

    we'll meet you in mesa in december...

  4. arizona does something to the heart. glad you got your groove back. a grooveless myke would just be ridiculous!

  5. I'm sold on Arizona. It took me about half a year, but it's happened.