Sunday, December 6, 2009

seven! seven cookies! ah! ah! ah! ah!

My brother suggested Dracula probably a year ago but I finally got around to reading in October. And I finished it two nights before Halloween. How fitting.

Honestly, Dracula freaked me out. More than once I was slightly scared to turn off the lights for bed after reading this book. More than once I expected to look up and see Dracula's pasty face, sadistic eyes and red lips hovering over me as I slept. The dude is pure evil.

That said, I totally enjoyed this book. I don't necessarily enjoy being terrified, nor am I a horror fan, but I do enjoy a classic good-versus-evil tale. Furthermore, there's something to be said for any book that can evoke a certain feeling or emotion; this one does terror quite well.

Today though, that vampiric sense of terror seems to have vanished. Instead we're stuck with this:

The contrast is laughable*.

Of course, that's not to say that nothing good has come from the Twilight series. I give you three examples:

"Meet Me on the Equinox" by Death Cab for Cutie. I kind of like the fact that this is a mediocre Death Cab song. As if they didn't want to 'waste' their best material on the New Moon soundtrack.

"Hearing Damage" by Thom Yorke. I might start liking Radiohead. Not that I've ever disliked Radiohead, I've just never taken the time to get into them.

"Possibility" by Lykke Li. I was totally surprised by this track. Not the first time I've heard Lykke Li but probably the first time I've given her an honest listen (I guess my taste in music is somewhat sexist). I also thought this song fit well in Bella's emo montage in the movie. My favorite track from New Moon.

*Speaking of laughable, as I was perusing for reviews on Dracula I unearthed this gem:

Me being the avid vampire fan that I am, I'm always willing to read new vampire fiction. The librarian suggested this one to me so I thought I'd give it a shot.

What a terrible read. I couldn't stand it for long, so I started skimming through the thing. Turns out the vampire in this book is an old guy, and he lives in a castle! What?! Any vampire fan knows that vampires roam the streets of upper middle class suburbia and high schools. Whoever this Bram Stoker guy is, it's quite clear that he doesn't know a thing on vampires, and his attempt to cash in on the vampire craze is indeed a failure.

I'll be returning this on my next trip to the library and sticking to the teen reading section for finding my next vampire novel.

(New Moon comes out November 20th, woooooo!)


  1. hahahahahahahaha! i'm still laughing about how awesome that review was. the best part was that they gave it one star and called it "Crapula" hahahahaha! i say it doesn't even matter if it was written sarcastically or if the person actually is an idiot, still funny. and we actually had a discussion about dracula in one of my classes and it has made my list of must reads.

  2. amen! man i hate what twilight has done to vampires....when vampires go out in daylight they don'[t sparkle...they burst into flames. duh!

  3. myke, i always enjoy your book review blogs. and twilight is totes stupid.

    ps - team edward
    not that i care, cuz i don't . . . but if i had to pick a team, it would be edward

  4. haha nice comment on the Death Cab song choice for the movie. i could've almost seen that coming. i've not seen the movie nor have i read the book, but i did see the soundtrack on iTunes, and dare i say, it didn't look half bad. I'm a fan of Thome York and of his songs I'd pick, 'The Eraser' as my fav.