Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the table and the light

Right now, a lucky few hundred in Phoenix are about to enjoy something special:

While a live Reuben's Accomplice performance is rare and certainly special, it's the 'special guests' that really excite me. The following tweet (wow, that just sounds so dumb) was hyperlinked on Modified Arts' website in reference to these special guests:

Jimmy Eat World for $5 at Modified? What is this, 1999? Because that was the last time I saw JEW at that price and at such an intimate venue.

The current temperature of -1°F is one thing to deal with but missing this is another indeed.

On the bright side, Jimmy Eat World has been working with Mark Trombino -- who produced Static Prevails, Clarity, Bleed American and Stay On My Side Tonight -- on a set of new songs.


  1. i really wish i would've found out about this earlier, any other night of the week i could've made it work

  2. Yeah. One of my friends said this show sold out at 4:00 p.m.