Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trevor's Monster

Trevor and I became friends in high school. At the time I was in a band called Scooch (wisely, we later changed our name to The Manhattan Project). We needed a bass player. Jeff, our singer/guitarist/half-time bass player, knew Trevor's older brother so we invited Trevor to come play bass for us.

In addition to clever bass lines, Trevor brought a certain je ne sais quoi to the band. It may have been his stage antics -- like hanging from the ceiling pipes at the Nile basement -- or it may have just been his overall energy, passion, and talent for music... whatever it was, adding him to the band awakened a similar gusto in the rest of us. I'll sum it up this way: some gnarly dude named Paul taught me how to play guitar, but Trevor taught me how to rock.

Along with two other great friends, Trevor and I later played in band called XYZebra, pictured here (my favorite band I've been in and one of my all-time favorite band names). Trevor is on drums. Yeah, he does it all.

In addition to fronting his own rock band today, Sun Ghost, Trevor maintains music-centric blog called I Have Created a Monster. This blog focuses on artists and bands who push the levels of creativity in music. This week Trevor has allowed me to guest-blog about one of my favorite bands, the Flaming Lips. My first post is up as of this morning. Please check it out and follow Trev's blog, not for my sake, but because it's a great blog.

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  1. Sir, you are a saint among men. Thanks for the kind words/promotion. XYZebra is still the best band I've ever been in.