Monday, January 31, 2011

for my consideration

Recently I've considered doing the following:

1. Working only 20 to 30 hours a week and using the time off to bake. And cook. But mostly bake. I have a dream one day of starting my own bakery -- what's life for if not for following your dreams?

2. Quitting my job entirely and going to school somewhere gnarly (back East-ish?) for a master's degree in Literature. Then I can teach English at a community college or something (I'm not sure if I have the patience/ambition/general-scholarly-attitude to take the PhD/teach-at-a-University route).

I really like my job and I love the people I work with. But the job isn't really mine. I don't have a problem filling a position that someone else has created, but when my working life is over (which will probably be when I'm either dead or too senile/feeble to work), career-wise, I would like to have accomplished something that's mine.

On a far less weightier note, I'm considering selling my electric guitar, amp, and acoustic guitar and buying a new acoustic guitar (my current acoustic has some serious, possibly irreparable warping going on). I've also thought about buying a bass amp (as I already own a bass guitar), and I've even considered looking for a band that needs a bass player.


  1. I want to own a bakery too!
    Believe in your dreams!
    Mavericks for change!

  2. I know a band that is looking for a bass player. Taylor and Mike Garn have been putting some stuff together that sounds pretty great. If you want to talk to Taylor his phone number is 4807034915 that's probably the best way to get a hold of him.
    And just a side note, I think this mixed with option number one sounds delicious and exciting.

  3. Sometimes we put unnecessary limits on ourselves, huh? I hope you do at least one of the things on your list, (because you do have some pretty cool ideas on there).

    I'd definitely visit your bakery.

  4. Will you please make napoleatano's at your bakery? I've been looking for them everywhere in the US, but can't find them.

  5. myke it almost freaks me out how often we have the same thoughts on life. my new roommate teaches college courses and after talking with him i've decided that is the career path i want to follow. i just haven't figured out what i would teach just yet

  6. Potential customers! Thank you!

    Quinn -- I think teaching would really suit you. Also, why the eff don't we hang out??

  7. So... I'm thinking we should have a baking night. Once a week might be more to bite off, I'm struggling with balancing school and social life right now, but once a month I could TOTALLY handle and it would be so fun! Remember when we talked about opening a book store/bakery?? I would love to see that happen :)