Sunday, February 13, 2011

halvies, an encore

I ran a half marathon this weekend. Training for this one was tough. I injured my foot just over a year ago, and it took far too long to recover from that. Not long after the injury I got new orthotics and it's taken forever to get them properly adjusted (and they're still a little bit off). I was so scared of over-training (the cause of said injury) that I under-trained for this race.

caloric replenishment
Ice cream is hardly the best post-race recovery food, but after running 13.1 miles I felt justified in indulging.

I usually don't do races with friends -- not because I'm anti-social (OK, maybe I'm a tad anti-social), but because most of my friends don't run. For this race though, seven of us drove up to Sedona for the weekend; four of us did the Sedona Half Marathon, and three did the 10-K.

This was easily the hardest race I've done (which isn't saying much, I haven't done too many, and this was only my second half marathon). The race was mostly uphill or downhill, and having trained in Mesa, I definitely was not used to the hills -- especially going up. My time was 2:36:41, about half an hour slower than my first time -- I look forward to beating both times my next half marathon.


  1. Woo-hoo nice work! Your time is waaaaay better than when I ran a half marathon. Someday I'll need to do another one to make up for that. Where did you run your first one?

  2. Thanks, Andrea! My first was actually the Tetom Dam half in Rexburg. I'm hoping to the full there this summer... we'll see though.

  3. This made me miss running. Don't over-train. Way worse than under-training. At least when you under-train, you can still finish the race. When you over-train, you're thrown off for months.
    Great job!

  4. i am consistently impressed by your accomplishments. hey tkl are coming to town this weekend and we all want to hang out with you

  5. your mustache looks so happy. you are so nice to share your ice cream with him. you are a stand up guy, myke olsen.

    also... see myke run. team myke! go, myke, go. congrats on your awesome race dude. you rock.