Thursday, June 9, 2011


I'm thinking about absorbing my Steinbeck blog, Earthbound But Aspiring, into this one. Looking back at recent posts, somewhere around In Dubious Battle, I stepped away from the purpose of that blog: sharing my thoughts on Steinbeck's works in the context of my life. Somewhere along the line, my posts, few as they may be, became uninspired book reviews -- something I might write for an unimportant freshman-level college class.

John's boyhood home, Salinas, California, circa 2009.

This and this are examples of what I wanted my posts to be like. For whatever reason, recently I've lacked the enthusiasm and inspiration to create posts that do justice to the subject matter. Changing the venue and using the already established tone of this blog might help me to provide the personal context I've wanted my Steinbeck posts to have.

There are still some logistical things I have to think through and experiment with, like migrating posts and making sure they fit here chronologically (I'm pretty sure blogger lets you back-date posts). Right now I'm thinking consolidation is a pretty OK idea. Your thoughts? Will you stop reading/caring if one-three posts per month are about Steinbeck?

(My problem is I have so many (underdeveloped) hobbies and interests. The Steinbeck blog was a way of focusing and refining one of them. But it seems I might be incapable of doing that. Things are about to get super eclectic around here. In other words, welcome to my life.)


  1. Since nobody else commented, I'll say that I kind of like having the blogs separate, but I can see how it would be: A. easier for you to update only ONE blog, and 2. less pressure to write about Steinbeck when you don't HAVE to write about Steinbeck. I get writer's block when I HAVE to write a specific article. (That's probably why I have a bunch of half-written blog posts)
    And you can DEFINITELY back-date posts, I did it once accidentally.

  2. Thanks, Becky. Yeah, that was my basic thought, doing the posts here will take the pressure off me.