Thursday, June 2, 2011

take a look at me now

There's this sort of dream that I have. It's a pretty simple dream. It goes something like this:

I meet a girl. We start dating. Things go well for quite some time and maybe we even fall in love. Whatever. Anyway, several months to a year go by and we start to take one another for granted; the relationship goes stale. As a result, I mess up and do something stupid. It doesn't matter what. But it's serious enough that she decides to leave.

It's at this point that I realize the only I way I can win her back is with a completely un-ironic performance of that Phil Collins heartbreaking classic, "Against All Odds."

Please treat yourself to this video if it's been a while since you've heard the song. I would define "a while" as "within the last ten minutes."

I don't know what the best venue for such a performance would be. Maybe on stage at a hotel bar where she's on a date with another guy, perhaps a former lover (apparently in this version of the dream I'm also a lounge singer). Or how about in a rainy inner city alleyway right after an argument? It just has to be at a public place, be there others present or not. It certainly wouldn't have the same effect if it were her and I alone in her apartment, for example. Also, the performance should be spontaneous, it can't have been planned too far ahead. And I'd have to sing it a key or two lower, a few of those notes are just too high for me.

So after an emotional performance (much like the one you just watched in that video), do I defy the odds, does she really come back to me? I don't know, and actually, whether she does or not is beside the point. Because my dream here, summed up in fewer words, is to be in a situation where I can sing sincerely and seriously Phil Collins' "Against All Odds" to a girl and mean every word of it.

But in the meantime, I wouldn't mind having a girlfriend I could sing it to as a joke.


  1. Things I loved about that video:
    1. Phil Collins mouth superimposed on the mask.
    2. Jeff Bridges used to be way hot.
    3. Somehow at the end it turned out to be a love triangle.
    4. Said triangle coincidently was in neon, super similar to the original Tron.
    5. And best of all, the fact that I've actually seen that particular movie.

  2. i offer up my services as the girl you sing this song to. the world just can't go on without you performing this for all to see.

  3. fact: life ambition to see both phil collins and celine dion in concert. it's just necessary. also, possibly cher. mostly if she sings "after all" with peter cetera.

  4. This post was pure genious, as was the accompanying music video. I hope I am one of the people who happens to be hanging out in the public place when this happens (without being the other guy your lady is on a date with).

  5. Afton, if this is going to happen for all to see then the hotel bar scenario is probably the best bet. Brianne, you need to re-open the haunted 90s night club at your hotel and get me a job there as a lounge singer.