Saturday, February 9, 2008


I don't remember much from those two econ classes from my earlier college years but one thing I do recall is the concept of marginal utility (probably because Jeff, Greg and I were always making jokes about it). Marginal utility says that when you consume one unit of a particular good or service, satisfaction will decrease from consuming additional units. Take this bag of gummi bears I've been snacking on. The first few I ate were great. The next few, not so much. And so on, till I'm left with half a bag of gummi bears. However, I've found that marginal utility doesn't apply to everything. Using running as another example, the more miles I run, the more I tend to enjoy it.

With the band Sigur Ros, their utility increases with "consumption." Having said that I proudly post these two videos on my blog, "Glósóli" and "Hoppipolla". Maybe you've already seen them; all the more reason to try this marginal utility thing out. For those who haven't seen them, if you're not left with a smile on your face after watching both, then I wouldn't go stand next to any large magnets because you're probably a robot.



The combined length of both videos is about 11 minutes; in other words, 11 of the best spent minutes of your day.

(I tried posting them in the blog itself but apparently they won't let you. Psh.)


  1. i feel the same way about sigur ros. the more i listen the more i love. and those videos are always the greatest. i always feel bad for the boy at the end of glósóli though. i never think he makes it.

  2. where are all the scantily clad dancing girls?

    jk. now that, is what music videos should be. I am glad I am not a robot.

  3. Chelsea, I too am glad you're not a robot. As for the girls, Sigur Ros is class, not crass.

    Afton, yeah, I don't think he makes either... There's something different about that kid though. For whatever reason, I don't think he was ready for the Peter Pan-esque jump off the cliff. He took it prematurely. There was some kind of inner conflict within him that he needed to let go of before he could fly away with the others. Maybe he didn't love himself enough or he wasn't secure with who he really is. Or maybe there is someone he needs to forgive before he can fly free.

    Whatever the case, his swim through the ocean and climb back up the mountain should give him the understanding to let go of whatever it is that is keeping him from flying with the others. Who knows, maybe he'll be the next to lead a group of children over the edge and into the sky....

  4. i'm glad you're ending has him end as the leader. in my end he drowns in the water if not already dying from the horrible fall. how morbid am i?! thanks for the optimistic outlook.