Friday, April 22, 2011

formidable, indeed

As soon as I heard their band name -- the Nervous Wreckords -- I knew I wouldn't like them. And sure enough, they didn't disappoint (in the sense that it felt pretty good to have my prejudice validated). They weren't terrible, it's just that mediocrity isn't my style (I'm trying to be less hard on myself so maybe I shouldn't admit that sometimes it is).

That said, I wonder if Brandon Flowers chose the Nervous Wreckords as his opening band because he knew they'd make him look and sound so much better -- not that he needs it, the guy oozes charm and pumps showmanship through his veins. Like I mentioned in one post prior, Saturday I road tripped with some pals to see Brandon Flowers perform at the House of Blues in Las Vegas (don't ever see a show there unless you can get general admission floor seats).

I haven't seen a white tuxedo jacket look that good since Sean Connery as James Bond.

I had a similar experience when I saw the Joy Formidable, from Northern Wales, at the Rhythm Room Tuesday night. The opener, the Lonely Forest from lovely Anacortes, Washington, left me with nothing to complain about (other than some weak lyrics and the bass player's choice of attire) but they didn't impress me either. Then the Joy Formidable took the stage. It only took them thirty seconds to make the Lonely Forest look like a junior high talent show band (not that they were trying to do that, TJF had great things to say about the Lonely Forest).

Here's a sample of what you missed on Tuesday.

I loved pretty much everything about this band. Ritzy Brian's intense rock-out death stare and her adorable Welsh accent were simultaneously charming and disconcerting (in a good way, of course). Rhydian Dafydd's full-chord, distorted bass lines carried the weight of a rhythm guitarist and a bass player. And I'm usually not a fan of the double bass pedal, but if more drummers were to use it the way Matt Thomas does, I wouldn't mind. I hope to see these guys and gal live again, and soon.


  1. J-eal-ous. I <3 Brandon Flowers and I'm going to read the post you mentioned about him. I miss going to shows. NOTHING is going on here in town, except for, wait for it,....My Chemical Romance and Circa Survive next month....ha ha ha ha

  2. When I got that Brandon Flowers album, I listened to "Only The Young" on repeat at least five times a day for at least three months. Great song.

  3. the spelling of wreckords makes me think of the oneders, or the heardsmen.

  4. Harper, I know what you mean, even though Phoenix is the fifth largest city in the country, so many bands still pass it by.

    Jess, those were my listening habits for the entire album.

    Katie, The Nervous Wreckords make me want to avoid all bands that try to do that with their names (except Flight of the Conchords).