Monday, April 18, 2011

in a heartbeat

Last Saturday was a holiday, an albeit lesser known one, that celebrates two of my favorite things -- record stores and records. Record Store Day 2011 was recognized as a holiday in Arizona this year by our governor, Jan Brewer. Other states and cities did the same.

My Record Store Day started early... I was up at 5:30am because I couldn't sleep due to excitement and anxiety; several factors contributed to that -- a new kitten, a trip to Vegas to see Brandon Flowers, and yes, Record Store Day itself. So I went for a run, packed for my trip, met up with some friends and was in line at Stinkweeds by 8:45.

I was so impressed and pleased with how many bands issued special releases (mostly in the sonically superior vinyl format) for record store day -- over 300 new releases (compared to about 150 releases in 2010). I spent more than I planned but I don't regret it at all. Here's what I got:

Heady Nuggs by the Flaming Lips

This is the crown jewel of my Record Store Day purchases. It's a box set containing their first five albums on the Warner Bros. label. It's some of their best stuff -- The Soft Bulletin, Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, and Transmissions From The Satellite Heart are my top three favorite Lips albums -- and four of the five albums have been out of print for 10 years or so.

Bleed American Deluxe by Jimmy Eat World
I wasn't planning on picking this one up but I couldn't resist once I got to Stinkweeds. I didn't care for this album when it first came out, but it's really grown on me since so I'm happy to own it on vinyl. And it's the deluxe version so it's three records worth of music.

Volume I-III by Piebald
I've been looking for We Are The Only Friends That We Have on vinyl for months now -- I'm pretty sure it was never issued. This three vinyl collection has that album and two more. Each vinyl disc is a different color so that's a plus too.

Dharohar Project by Mumford & Sons/Laura Marling
This is a collaborative EP by Mumford and Sons, Laura Marling, and a "collective of Rajasthani folk musicians" from India. I don't think this EP is destined to become a favorite but it was nevertheless a necessary Record Store Day purchase.

I only had time for Stinkweeds this year because I had to be on the road for a concert in Vegas that evening. Next year I hope to have enough time to hit up Zia and Hoodlums as well. Regardless, it was the best Record Store Day yet.


  1. record store day was the same day as earth day and it was very frustrating because i had made earth day commitments.

  2. Ah, too bad I missed you at Stinkweeds.. I was there around noon and saw Menomena play. Awesome day!

  3. Tori -- I thought Earth Day was 4/22?

    Trev -- I think I saw you in a photo on the Stinkweeds website. Yeah, had I not get up to Vegas I would've stuck around for sure.

  4. I didn't know Mumford & Sons teamed up with Laura Marling?! Everything awesome in England is coming together!