Thursday, April 28, 2011

je l'adore

Two weeks ago my roommate Brian mentioned that a friend was trying to give away a couple of kittens. Brian, Matt and I have been talking about getting a pet -- a mascot, if you will -- since we started living together back in January. So taking in one of these kittens was a bit of a no brainer. The next day Brian and I went up picked up this adorable creature:

Here she is on the day I got her. If that doesn't melt your heart you're dead inside. And you're dead to me (OK, not really).

I named her Scout, after Scout Finch. I feel like the name suits her. She loves running around, climbing, exploring, attacking hands and feet, and she's the most ravenous eater I've ever seen.

And here she is helping me out with a pair of cut-offs. I may have posed her inside the cut-off pant leg for the sake of the photo.

Here's the thing with kittens -- some even say it's a problem -- they grow up to be cats. I like most animals no matter their stage in life so I look forward to her growing up -- I just hope she maintains whatever element of her personality that makes her Scout. Because I'd hate to have to start calling her Jean Louise.

Post Script: For a few hours her name was Steve Buscemi. Still an awesome name, and I fully intend on giving it to some future pet. But like I said, Scout just seemed to fit her so well. Speaking of Mr. Buscemi, you really need to check this out.


  1. Hopefully she'll have better teeth than Steve does.

  2. the TKAMB references tickled me!

    my sister named her cat Scout after that book too. And i'm going to name a son Atticus, and probably no one can talk me out of it.

  3. Jen, her teeth are at least sharper than Steve's. (I would think anyway, I have yet to be bitten by Steve Buscemi.)

    Katie, Atticus is one of my heroes. Perfect name for a little boy/grown man.

  4. we also had cat-scapades (really bad play on words that combines the words "cat" and "escapades") this week. we found a starving cat under the crawl space in our house, nursed it back to health, named it The Soviet Union, and gave it to my brother-in-law's family, who will provide it luxurious long-term accomodations.

    Cat-tastrophe averted.