Thursday, July 7, 2011

earthbound but aspiring, revisited

Those of you with a greater attention to detail will notice two new tabs located directly above this here post (until this post is superseded by a newer one, that is). The first is a self-explanatory home page link and the second is a link to my Steinbeck reading-blogging project, or blogject, if you will. As mentioned in previous posts, I've decided to move said blogject (that's the last time I'll use that word, I promise) here in hopes that doing so will raise the quality of Steinbeck-centric (Steinbentric?) posts.

I almost lost my lens cap near Steinbeck's grave when I visited last March. I daresay it would've fit the eclectic collection of mementos. Those barely discernible tiny green frogs make sense (read Cannery Row with me in a few months), but a golf ball? A guitar pick? Maybe by the time I finish reading all his stuff I'll understand the other objects (doubt it).

The biggest change I'm making is in my reading schedule. While I was Steinblogging on the separate Earthbound But Aspiring site, I created a timeline that had me reading one Steinbeck work per month. I will try my best to keep that pace but I am no longer constraining myself to that schedule; sometimes schedules add just enough stress to make things less fun, and that's what was happening here.

So if you are interested in following along -- there are still so many great books to come -- befriend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter (@threechordmyke) and I will post or tweet about a week in advance of starting a new book. Hopefully that will give you enough time to procure that book in the off chance you feel like joining in.


  1. I thought of you as I typed my last post, hoping you'd catch the irony. You didn't disappoint.
    When words are used correctly, they pack the intended punch, no?
    And I wish I had time to join in this Steinbeck adventure with you. Sadly, "Where the Wild Things Are" and Alma are on my must-reads list right now.

  2. I wish you had time to, I bet you would have some great insights! (I definitely need to be working a little more Alma into my must-reads as well.)

  3. I've only read Of Mice and Men, and I'm hesitant to dive into Steinbeck. What would you recommend I start with?

  4. I always suggest Cannery Row as a starter, although East of Eden is my favorite (Cannery Row is just a lot shorter). Rebecca read that and Tortilla Flat (which I also highly recommend) and she liked Tortilla Flat better. Don't expect to find a plot with either because neither has one -- you have to take it a chapter at a time.