Saturday, July 16, 2011

just the other night, at a hometown football game...

Matt and I never did find our passports. I looked everywhere. Four times. I'm pretty sure this was my logic when I last saw and stowed my passport -- which was probably right before I moved to my current residence:

Well, I don't have a permanent spot for this thing (a mistake I will correct when I find it) so I'll stick inside this book/notebook/folder/other object. That way, when I move I won't leave my passport behind.

I do this with other things all the time. For example, when I was looking for my passport, I came across my ticket stub from Star Wars: Episode III -- I had stashed it in this book about the Arabic alphabet. I don't keep ticket stubs but I wanted to keep this one and had nowhere to put it. (Maybe I should get into scrapbooking??)

So in a year from now, I'll crack open some forgotten, dusty book and out will fall my passport.

But then, Matt couldn't find his either, and he's usually way more together than me, so maybe there's some other force at work here. Hmmm.

We were supposed to head to Montreal tomorrow. From what I hear (from my Canadian boss), getting into Canada sans passport isn't tough, but getting back into the US is. So tomorrow we're driving to Concord, New Hampshire, and staying the night (we're in Palmyra, New York, right now). Monday morning we're driving to Maine (and seeing the first showing of HP 7.2 we can get to) and hanging there for a few days.

Why New Hampshire? Why Maine? Because none of us have ever been there and when are we gonna get the chance to go to Maine.

After Maine, we'll head down to NYC via Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut (again, when are we gonna get the chance to go to any of those places). I'm currently trying to convince my family to make a stop in Sag Harbor, Long Island, New York, to check John Steinbeck's home (where he lived later in his life -- not to be confused with his boyhood home in Salinas, CA).

So what all of this really means is, I need to find another time to go to Canada. Making it its own trip (instead of combining it with other destinations, like this trip) is probably a good idea -- then I could see beautiful Ottawa and other parts of my beloved Quebec. I still dream about going to live there for a summer. Lately I've been all about following my dreams.

I need to start having some less costly dreams.


  1. I like your logic. You should try to plan your Canada trip for festival season!

  2. Still no HP 7.2? Ah. So good.

    And Tucker makes it to NYC on Monday sometime. If you're on Long Island and looking for a little Spanish interaction . . .

  3. i often do something similar. i'll put an item that i need in some very bizarre spot and while so doing think to myself, "this spot is so weird that i'll never forget." and then i forget and have to get new car keys made. three months later i find my old car keys hanging on a branch on tree in the backyard and i am forced to recall, "oh yeah. i did put them there, didn't i."

    hope you enjoy the forced domesticism of your trip.