Tuesday, July 12, 2011

passport prayers

I'm going out of town on Thursday. My sister is performing in the Hill Cumorah Pageant, which takes place every year in Palmyra, New York. So I'm flying with my mom and brother to Rochester, New York, and we'll drive to Palmyra and hang out in Palmyra for a couple days.

On Sunday we're supposed to head up to Montreal for a few days, but there's just one little problem: I can't find my passport. Neither can my brother Matt. While I know it's not the end of the world -- there is plenty to do and see in that area and in New England -- I really want to see Montreal. I served my mission there, and I have been back since, but that was seven years ago. That's a long time to go with a real smoked meat sandwich or a decent poutine.

So if you're the praying type, please say one on the behalf of my passport, and on behalf of Matt's, that they will find their way back to us. Please.


  1. That would suck to be stuck with that inferior south-of-the-border poutine.

  2. I said 5 Hail Marys....Does that count?

  3. Myke,

    That's crazy that you went to Montreal on your mission. I went to Calgary. Every time I read your blog, I find more in common. If Iwasn't stuck in Colorado right now, I'd totally try to be your friend. Anyways, keep it real in AZ, and keep up the blog, I'm enjoying it very much.

    aaron "I swear I'm not a stalker or gay" birch

    skamondongo@juno.com (write me if you want for my real e-mail address, this is just my junk one)